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Part I  Role of Multimodal Transport for Smart City

Chapter 1       Introduction

Chapter 2       Concept of Smart City in India

Chapter 3       Approach for Smart City by Multimodal Transportation

Chapter 4       Measurement of Impacts on GHG Emission Reductions by Smart City

PartⅡ  Advanced Technologies to Realize Multimodal Transport

Chapter 5       Video/Image Processing with AI

Chapter 6       Vehicle Detection by CCTV

Chapter 7       On-board GPS (BTSC)

Chapter 8       Mobile Measurement of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG)

Chapter 9       Variable Message Sign (VMS)

Chapter 10 Mobile Application of Multimodal Transport

Chapter 11 Big Data Analytics

Chapter 12 Behavior Change by Traffic Information


Chapter A1 Testbed for Technology Development6


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