Experiment successfully completed : Want to volunteer in improving accessibility to BRT stations?

Our Experiment: Seamless feeder service

  • provide seamless AUTO service to your nearest BRT station.
  • provide shortest and most eco-friendly routes across all possible modes with an android application.

For more information, please watch video demo

Looking for

  • Commuters who have their homes near ISKCON Cross roads BRT station and enter BRT at this station (Trip patter A)


  • Commuters who get down at ISKCON Cross roads BRT station to reach their office. (Trip pattern B)

Your Task

1.Download MMA app for BRT route guidance from the link shown.

2.Call the auto driver for pickup service.

3.Use the app and the seamless auto service for your daily commute for 7 days.

4.Provide feedback on your experience.


  1. Read the notes before you join

If you would like to join as a participant volunteer, please contact us


Email: contact@m2smart.org

Phone number:9959531535

M2Smart project

This experiment is conducted by Nagoya Electric Works Ltd,CO., Indian institute technology, Hyderabad, Nihon university and Tokyo Institute of Technology under the M2Smart project of SATREPS. This project is supported by JICA and JST