Experiment successfully completed : Want to volunteer in improving an android application for promoting public transportation?

Outline of the project

The Multi Modal Application (MMA) provides seamless linkage using multiple transportation modes. It can help people choose faster and more environment friendly commutes, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the city. We believe it will shift the riders towards using public transportation.

Multi-Modal Application

The Multi-modal android application (MMA) provides information about the fastest, cheapest, and most eco-friendly rides to your destination throughout the city of Ahmedabad.

Looking for

  • Participants from CEPT university with android smart phone
  • Expected no of participants: 10

Your Task

  1. Install MMA app from the link shown and use it for your daily travel.
  2. Expected number of trips from each participant:10
  3. Each trip duration: at least 30 min.
  4. Each participant (primary volunteer) is requested to invite five volunteers (secondary participants: students preferred).
  5. Secondary participants use for at least 1 trip.
  6. Provide a feedback before and after the experiment

Experiment Time: February 23rd  to February 28th

Video for MMA demonstation

How to download the Multi-Modal Application?

  • Need to have an google account

  • Send mail to following program organizer for receiving software access site.


  • A mail is sent to your Gmail ID to download the MMA application at this explanation session if you cannot access.

  • After you click on the link in website or the mail to download the application, you will be shown this page.

Click on the link highlighted here to download the application from Google Play.

If you cannot access to the above site for download, you may have to switch your account on mobile phone. We registered your Gmail account which you informed us before.